Chinese Medicine FAQ

Are Chinese herbs safe?

In general, Chinese herbs are very safe. However, they should only be taken under the proper care and guidance of a licensed herbalist.

What kinds of drug interactions are there with Chinese herbs?

In general, there are few – but there are some important ones. You will definitely want to share your complete list of medications with your herbalist, and share your herbal prescriptions with your doctor as well.

Do Chinese herbs taste bad?

In pill form, they have can have a mild odor and only a slight taste – practically nothing if you wash them down with water quickly enough. In powder form or as a tea, they can be very bitter and earthy tasting. But some formulas aren’t terrible – it just depends on which herbs you are taking.

How much do Chinese herbs cost?

The cost of Chinese herbal formulas vary significantly from formula to formula, as well as from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from pill form to powder to raw herbal formulas.

How do I take your Chinese herbs – in pill form, from a powder, or do you have me boiling raw herbs?

Generally, we use Chinese herbs in pill form. We find those are easiest for most Western stomachs, and they better suit our fast-paced modern lifestyles. However, if you really like the idea of taking Chinese herbs in the raw from, we can have those prepared for you.

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