Healing Facials FAQs

What does an aesthetician do?

An aesthetician is a skincare therapist. Someone who beautifies, improves and maintains skin health through cleansing, exfoliating, extracting,toning, massaging and treating your skin’s specific needs. Aestheticians treat skin of the face, body and scalp.

Do I really need a facial?

Yes! Facials are the best way to beautify the skin by improving and maintaining skin health. Scientifically researched effective ingredients are formulated to treat and correct specific skin ailments. Monthly facials are strongly recommended to keep the skin properly exfoliated and infused with the necessary vitamins, nutrients and botanicals. Having the proper products at home will allow your skin to continue to benefit from the facial until your next treatment. Look at it like a gym for the skin, you can’t workout once and expect to be a figure competitor. Plus, facials are amazingly relaxing treats that you can have the pleasure of monthly!

Do I need to prepare for a facial?

The only preparation necessary is to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled treatment to fill out any necessary paperwork, not to have contact lense in (if you think they might irritate you during treatment) and to wear a top that is easy to undress. That’s it!

What does a facial consist of generally?

First the skin is cleansed. The aesthetician then assesses your skin health and explains what treatment is best for you. Then skin is exfoliated, extractions are performed if necessary (unless you don’t want them), skin is treated with the appropriate enzyme and / or masque, then toned. Next the appropriate serum, moisturizer, eye treatment, lip treatment and spf are applied. During the facial you’ll received massage on the areas of the hands, arms, shoulders, decolleté, neck, face and scalp. Aromatherapy is also used. Hello enjoyment!

What about home care, do I really need to buy products?

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s absolutely important that you maintain and continue the wonderful health benefits of your facial treatment. You wouldn’t go to the gym and workout hard for an hour to go home and eat triple chocolate cake, cheeseburgers and milkshakes would you??

What is the proper facial etiquette?

It is important arrive 10 minutes before your facial to fill out a health form and to speak to your aesthetician. We understand you might arrive late, we will make every effort possible to accommodate you during the remaining time of your scheduled appointment.

Do I remove my makeup before my facial?

You may remove your makeup if you like. Though it’s not necessary, your aesthetician will thoroughly cleanse your skin in the beginning of the facial.

Do I need to wear specific clothes for my facial?

You will be under sheets during your facial. There’s a special robe provided for you to get undressed and put on. Most people choose to use that or are completely comfortable either naked or just in underwear, with bra straps tucked under (to avoid getting product on clothing). It’s really up to you, whatever is most comfortable for you. This is your hour and we want you to completely enjoy it!

What products do you retail and use in your facials?

We use Eminence skincare. Eminence is the #1 organic spa skincare. We want the best for our clients!!

I can’t decide what upgrade to add to my facial…

No worries, your aesthetician will be happy to help you with that. That’s our job!

Will my skin look red afterwards?

It is common to be a little flushed after a facial due to the increased circulation and drainage of toxins. Some redness is usually treatment specific. Dermaplaning, microdermabrasion or any sort of heavy exfoliation or microcurrent treatment will leave skin a little pink for a little while after treatment depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Is it ok to wear makeup after my facial?

We recommend you allow your skin to breath and soak up all the nourishment just received for the rest of the day. If that isn’t possible, please use mineral makeup.

Can I bring a friend, husband, wife or one of my parents with me?

Absolutely! Please tell your male and female friends! Facials are for both sexes to enjoy. Most couples, family or friends enjoy getting treatments together. At Healing House we provide acupuncture and massage too. We highly recommend getting a facial and massage or a facial and acupuncture. This way you and a friend / boyfriend / Mom / husband or whomever can enjoy treatments at the same time! Or treat yourself to a “double dip” of pampering. You deserve it!

I am getting married or have a big event, when should I plan on getting a facial?

Depends on the type of facial you’re getting. Oxygen facials are amazing treatments to get the day of a special event. In general, facials are recommended 2-3 days before a big event. This is for the reasons of preventing having any redness or flushed skin.

What facial do you recommend having close to a big event?

A classic custom facial would be best. Always avoid aggressive treatments close to a big event. The type of microdermabrasion machine we use is safe and effective for a nice polish and healthy glow close to an event.

I’m a man. Should I shave before my facial?

Please shave the day or evening before, not the day of. This is to prevent irritation from some treatments or ingredients on freshly shaved skin.

How often are facials to be received?

Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks depending on your skin’s specific needs.

Are monthly facials beneficial?

Yes! Not only for relaxation and touch therapy. Monthly facials will improve, treat and maintain your skin’s specific needs. Proper homecare is great but not enough. A facial is a monthly deep cleansing, exfoliating surge of the specific treatment your skin needs to be revitalized and trained to function more healthfully.

What are your sanitation practices?

All implements used in facial treatments are properly sanitized and sterilized according to state regulated safety and sanitation procedures. All linens are clean for each individual. Water used during facial treatments is changed during treatment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please cancel 24 hours in advance.

How do I care for my skin at home?

By using the products your aesthetician has recommended to you for your homecare.

What is your product philosophy?

My product philosophy is to use the best skincare products to treat your skin’s specific needs. At Healing House we have Eminence skincare, the #1 organic spa skincare line available for you to purchase. We also use Eminence in our facials.What you put on your skin will go into your body, so make it something chemical free that the body recognizes and uses 100% to its benefit. Organic products are 100% recognized and used by the body and will not harm you internally either.

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