Healing Technologies FAQ

What kinds of side-effects are there from using healing technologies such as the Asyra Pro or cold laser therapy?

There are no known negative side effects from any of the therapies we use at our practice, provided they are used by a professional. However, on rare occasion we have found that there can sometimes be a healing reaction to the treatment generated by the Asyra Pro. This reaction can include nausea, rash, sweating, fatigue, and other generally mild sensations. If you experience any of these symptoms please stop taking the resonance formula and contact your practitioner at Healing House. When in doubt, it is always wise to contact your family physician.

How long does it take to experience results with each of the healing technologies offered at Healing House?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say – it depends entirely on the individual and the health conditions that they present. However, very broadly speaking, we have seen general improvement with the Asyra within two or three sessions, and we have seen improvement with the Q1000 within four or five sessions.

How do I know what would be better for me – cold laser, the Asyra Pro or acupuncture?

Your primary holistic practitioner will help you to determine that when you come in for your initial and follow-up consultations. If you are interested in one or more of our Healing Technologies, be sure to mention that to your practitioner.

Where do you put the patches?

The patches typically go on acupuncture points or areas of pain on the body. The best locations will be selected by your primary holistic practitioner.

Are the Healing Technologies you offer safe for children?

Yes – all of our Healing Technologies are safe for children.

Do I need to take off my clothing, watch, or jewelry when I am being scanned by the Asyra Pro?

It is not necessary to remove jewelry or clothing, but it would be a good idea to remove any electronic devices, including watches.

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Our Response to Coronavirus
Healing House has always been committed to providing the highest level of clinical sanitation and safety standards. In these challenging times, we want to assure you that we are strictly adhering to CDC safety standards, and we are exceeding these standards wherever possible.
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