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About Britney

Britney is a dietitian and chef passionate about sharing the power of nutrition to reverse disease and improve vitality.

Britney’s journey into the nutrition industry was inspired from a young age when she learned of the correlation of heart health to the food we eat. After witnessing multiple family members develop heart complications, she began learning about nutrition modifications to improve heart health. Her passion for nutrition was further ignited as she witnessed the power of food first hand while healing an autoimmune condition she was diagnosed with, Hashimotos Thyroiditis.

Throughout her career, Britney has worked coast to coast in health resorts, weight-loss facilities, athletic complexes, and nutrition clinics. Along the way, she has accumulated knowledge and skills to reverse a variety of medical conditions using a food as medicine approach. Britney shares vision with her clients to reveal health at the tip of their forks through attainable nutrition modifications. One bite at a time, Britney inspires people to enjoy the taste of success in building healthy lifestyles to last a lifetime.