Michelle Kennedy

Licensed Aesthetician in Scottsdale, AZ

It was at a street fair in Carlsbad Village, CA, I watched a woman, who owned the shop just steps behind her, using silver wands to lift the face of another woman before my eyes! Being extremely knowledgeable about the technology, it was at that moment I discovered where my new journey would begin.

I am so excited for this adventure! I have found my home with Healing House. We all seem to think alike and, without words, can simply understand the ideas, the path and the destination of where the future of Healing House and the Healing House Family are headed and where we want to take our clients. What an amazing feeling and blessing it is to be so warmly welcomed and a part something that heals individuals, quite literally, on every single level. I look forward to meeting you and providing you a transcending experience with undeniable results.

At a Glance


Michelle is making a mark with the latest anti-aging technologies to date as a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Laser Technician, and Laser Safety Officer.

Alumni of IMAj Institute, one of the nation’s leading schools for medical aesthetic and aesthetic laser training, is where she discovered her passion; Lasers, aesthetic instruments and clinical treatments that improve the anti-aging process.

Described by her peers as “caring” and “experienced”; her clients describe her as a “trustworthy professional” with a “comforting and compassionate demeanor with a great depth of empathy”.

Michelle is uniquely skilled and an innovative thinker. The revolutionary technician isn’t afraid to think outside the box and discover new advancements in the beauty industry.

With an international modeling campaign in the early nineties, Michelle Kennedy, is no stranger to making a splash and leaving lasting impressions. She is already well on her way to becoming a local icon in the aesthetics industry.

Michelle, is a published author and recognized as a “distinguished” staff writer at Bay Life Living Magazine, an international magazine founded in early 2015. Her article called, ‘Laser Induced Collagen Synthesis – The New Wave In Anti-Aging’ can be viewed on the Internet at BayLifeLiving.com


SoCal University of Health Services gave me the experience and knowlege of the science and technologies that I would later use in the field of cosmetics.

Michelle possess multiple Aesthetic certifications in both technologies and skin care. Imaj Institute is where she was Certified as a Clinical Aesthetician and obtained most of her certifications. She graduated with well over 750 hours (150 hours over the Arizona state minimum; “I wanted to get every minute in so that when you came through the door, I would have the most knowledge and experience possible so that I could provide you with an unsurpassed experience!”)

She enjoys mastering the latest tools in aesthetics and plans to continue her education while expanding her experience in the years to come.

Areas of Specialty:

Anti-Aging and… You leaving with amazing results and feeling exquisitely pampered!

Also Practices:

I also love doing pantry make-overs which is a great way to kick start a new lifestyle.

Personal Interests:

I love the arts! Music, dancing, crafts, interior decorating on a budget and/or with repurposing and recycling, organizing, the beach and the mountains, Bikram Yoga, my spirituality and discovering new things every single day.

Announcing our "New Year, New Healers" Celebration!Please join us on Saturday morning, January 18th, from 9am to 12pm!

We will be hosting a party to celebrate the expansion of our clinic into the space across the hall, as well as to welcome a wonderful Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractor, and Professional Counselor to the team! Stop by to meet the new staff and explore the new digs!

We'll have pastries, bagels, mimosas, coffee, and other breakfast/brunch goodies. There will be demonstrations of services, massage chairs, and other awesome gifts and prizes!

Please mark your calendars! We look forward to seeing you there.

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