Healing House Rewards

Earn Rewards For Normal Customer Things!

Healing House has partnered with Perkville to give our customers a super easy-to-use, modern Rewards Program! There are lots of ways to quickly earn points and rewards! You’re going to be surprised just how fast your points add up!

Earn Points By Easily Doing Any of the Following

Refer a Friend

Earn 1600pts for referring a friend. And they get 50% off their first appointment!

Share a Photo

Earn 25pts for sharing a photo on Facebook using our hashtag #healinghouse

Facebook Checkin

Earn 25pts when you checkin to Healing House on Facebook


Earn 100pts on your birthday

First Anniversary

Earn 100pts on your first anniversary

Every Dollar

Earn 1pt for every $1 spent at Healing House.

See The Complete List of Ways to Earn

Refer a Friend: 1600pts
Birthday: 100pts
Join Healing House Rewards: 50pts
Facebook Check-In: 25pts
Share a Photo on Facebook Using #healinghouse: 25pts
Twitter Follow: 15pts
Twitter Tweet: 10pts
Attend Appointment: 5pts
Book Online or on App: 5pts
Every $1 Spent at Healing House 1pt

Redeem Your Easy-Earned Points for Awesome Rewards

Free Follow-Up Acupunture (a $75 value)


Free 60-Minute Massage, Any Kind (a $75 value)


Free 40-Minute Nutrition Coaching (a $75 value)


Free Follow-Up Nutrition Coaching (a $75 value)


Free Classic Facial (a $75 value)


$25 Credit


See The Complete List of Ways to Redeem

Free Follow-Up Acupuncture (a $75 value): -1600pts
Free Classic Facial (a $75 value): -1600pts
Free First-Time Nutrition (a $75 value): -1600pts
Free Follow-Up Nutrition (a $75 value): -1600pts
$50 credit: -1600pts
$25 credit: -800pts
$20 credit: -700pts
$15 credit: -600pts
$10 credit: -500pts
$5 credit: -400pts

Start Earning Points Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are points tracked?

Points are tracked using the email address you have on file at Healing House. Please make sure you use the same email address at Healing House, otherwise you’ll have two separate accounts and it will take longer to accumulate reward points.

When I refer a friend, do they also receive a special offer?

Yes! Your friends will receive 50% off their first visit to Healing House, which is a better discount than we advertise on our website.

How do I redeem points?

Sign in to your Perkville account, click Redeem then select the perk you want. Show a Healing House Receptionist your voucher via printout or on your phone to redeem your perk.

How does social media sharing work on Facebook and Twitter?

Login to Perville and connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Enter what you want to say in the social media box, click ‘Post and Earn’, an voila! — you’ve got points!

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