Rewards FAQ

Who or what is Perkville?

Perkville is our technology partner that provides the platform for Healing House Rewards.

How does the Healing House Rewards program work?

It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3.
1) Join Healing House Rewards.
2) Automatically get reward points for many of the things you already do as a Healing House customer like referring friends, attending appointments, booking online and more.
3) Use your reward points to get credit to use towards appointments or products ($5 – $50) or free acupuncture, massage, skincare and nutrition and more!

How do I signup?

As a Healing House client you’ll automatically receive emails when you earn points. Click the ‘Accept Points’ button in the email to register and create a Perkville account. You can also login to the Healing House Mobile App (iOS & Android) and choose Perkville in the main menu.

How are points tracked?

Points are tracked using the email address you have on file at Healing House. Please make sure you use the same email address at Healing House, otherwise you’ll have two separate accounts and it will take longer to accumulate reward points.

How do I earn points?

There are lots of ways to earn points. To see a complete list login to your Perville account and click ‘Earning’. Or login to the Healing House Mobile App (iOS & Android), tap Perkville in the main menu, then tap ‘Earning Perks’.

How do I redeem points?

Sign in to your Perkville account, click Redeem then select the perk you want. Show a Healing House Receptionist your voucher via printout or on your phone to redeem your perk.

How do I earn points for referring friends?

Login to Perkville, go to the ‘Earnings’ page, click the ‘Refer a Friend’ link and submit your friend’s email address as a referral. You’ll receive 1600pts when you friend completes an appointment at Healing House!

When I refer a friend, do they also receive a special offer?

Yes! Your friends will receive 50% off their first visit to Healing House, which is a better discount than we advertise on our website.

Can I earn the Referral Reward if my friend purchases a deal outside of Healing House or a different Healing House offer?

No, your friend must claim the special offer they receive from you through Healing House Rewards because the whole process is tracked automagically. But don’t worry, the special offer we send them is better than the 30% offer we normally advertise 🙂

How does social media sharing work on Facebook and Twitter?

Login to Perville and connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Enter what you want to say in the social media box, click ‘Post and Earn’, an voila! — you’ve got points!

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn on Facebook or Twitter every day?

Yes, there is a limit. You can earn points for one post a day on Facebook and one post a day on Twitter.

How do I check in via Facebook?

Facebook check ins are not immediate. Wait twenty-four hours after you have attended an appointment at Healing House. Then go to the Perkville page on the Healing House Mobile App (iOS & Android), or your computer and you should have an option to check in. Your Facebook account must be linked to Perkville to check in.

What is the link to the Healing House Rewards Perkville page?

Here’s the link!
Reward points can only be redeemed for rewards and cannot be used for cash back (unless required by law).

Can I convert my points to cash?

Reward points can only be redeemed for rewards and cannot be used for cash back (unless required by law).

Can I combine my points with another Healing House offer?

Reward points cannot be combined with other offers.

Once I redeem my points for a reward, does that reward expire?

Many rewards do have an expiration date. Before you redeem your points for a reward, but sure to check the expiration date of the reward to make sure you can use it before it expires.

Where can I track my points?

You can track your points on the Healing House Mobile App (iOS & Android) and on the Healing House Perkville page here –

Start Earning Points Today!

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