Our Holistic Healing Services

Imagine a place in Scottsdale where your acupuncturist, massage therapist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, nutritionist, meditation coach and aesthetician are all working together to heal you. Where you can find the very best in traditional medicines as well as modern energetic technologies. Where quality of care is consistent, extraordinarily high and remarkably affordable. All under one roof. All with one purpose in mind — to help you feel better.

Holistic Healing Services We Offer


For almost every chronic ailment you can think of, acupuncture excels as a remedy. And it’s virtually painless! Come see why everyone raves about this ancient medicine.


Your skin is a reflection of your inner health and confidence. Our aestheticians know how to make you beautiful while also making sure your healthy new glow isn’t just skin deep.


A really good massage is one of the great gifts in life. There’s almost nothing better for working out your kinks, stress and pain. So get yourself booked for one. It’s okay — you deserve it.


Our nutrition coaches will develop a customized nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle and nutritional needs so you can lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and more.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Consultation

The art of Chinese herbal medicine has been around for over two thousand years. When it comes to restoring the body in a natural yet effective way, Chinese herbs have no equal.


Most people have heard of the benefits of meditation, but few understand how it’s done. Take personal lessons with our pro and develop a skill that will finally calm your mind.

Healing Technologies

Experience the extraordinary technology that is the Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Screening System. Your session will include an electrodermal resonance scan, an in-depth analysis of the Asyra Pro’s findings, a copy of your individual session report, a treatment using an imprinted cold laser device, and a take-home electromagnetically charged homeopathic remedy.

We also offer Cold Laser Therapy (also known as “Low Level Light Therapy”), which is a treatment that employs a very powerful, focused, and specific range of light frequencies to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

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