Meditation Intensive with Muki:

“Mindfulness Meditation for Lasting Happiness”


This is a single workshop intensive with Muki Ramsey, L.Ac., acupuncturist, meditation coach, and owner at Healing House. This class will teach you to experience lasting peace and happiness through a simple and unique approach to understanding your mind during your meditation practice. 


Mindfulness meditation is being taught wrong.

Meditation is not just about sitting there observing your thoughts float by. 

When we just sit and observe our minds, we often experience all of our troubled thoughts come into focus. We experience our confusion, fear, loneliness, and sadness all at once.

Having a mind like this is like having a fly crawling on your face the whole time you are trying to meditate. 

With most mindfulness training, you are usually just taught to sit there and observe the fly crawling on your face.

That’s not much fun.

Sure, it’s a better choice than freaking out or ignoring the fly.

But it’s not as good as being told how to make the fly go away, and how to close the window so it doesn’t come back.

This workshop will teach you how to make the fly go away.

It will teach you how to clear your mind of suffering, so that when you sit in meditation, you will finally get to experience the pure and delightful bliss of your true self. 

Come learn the extraordinary meditation methods developed by Muki Ramsey over his decades of practice and training.

Come learn how to experience lasting happiness for yourself. 

Saturday, January 11th, 2020 at 9:00am to 2:30pm

Voices for CASA Training Room
4300 N Miller Rd, Ste 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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Membership Prices

Regular (Non-Member) Price: $150

Silver Members (Save 22%): $118.00
Gold Members (Save 34%): $99.00

If you’re a Healing House member, please call us at (480) 463-4685 to use your credits or to register for a class.

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