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Affordable Holistic

At Healing House, we provide high-end care at an affordable price. Our pricing sheet below has our regular prices along with our Platinum, Gold, and Silver membership prices (40%, 32%, and 24% off).

We do accept Health Savings Account (HSA) payments on services and products approved by the CARES Act.

Join our Membership program to receive discounted rates on specialty services, monthly Care Credits which can be used on any service, and discounts on our supplements and skincare products!

Use Your Care Credits on Any Service

Our Care Credits are like tokens, where you receive a certain amount per month based on your Membership plan. Spend your credits on any Healing Service shown below, without having to pay money. We offer special Membership rates if you happen to use up your monthly credits.

$125 each, or 1 Care Credit

  • Primary Care Follow-Up, 30-min
  • Holistic Acupuncture, 60-min
  • Custom Massage, 60-min*
  • PCA® Classic Facial, 60-min
  • NAD+ Anti-Aging Injection, 30-min
  • Gua Sha & Cupping, 40-min
  • Dermaplane & Refresh, 30-min
  • Reiki Session, 60-min
  • Lash Lift & Tint, 90-min

Member's Price:

  • Platinum Members: $75
  • Gold Members: $85
  • Silver Members: $95

$250 each, or 2 Care Credits

  • Primary Care Visit, 60-min
  • Holistic Wellness Consult, 60-min
  • Custom Massage, 120-min
  • Eminence® Deluxe Facial & Add-On, 90-min
  • PCA Skin® Peel, 60-min
  • Bioenergetic Full Body Scan, 60-min
  • Personal Meditation Training, 60-min
  • Kundalini Energetic Treatment, 60-min
  • Youthful Radiance IV Therapy, 60-min

Member's Price:

  • Platinum Members: $150
  • Gold Members: $170
  • Silver Members: $190

*For a 90-minute massage, add 50% of cost.

Membership Options

Regardless of the membership you choose, you can gift your Care Credits to anyone and buy more at your Care Credit price!


$255 / month

  • 3 Monthly Care Credits
  • $85 For Additional Care Credits
  • 10% Off Products & Specialties
  • 6-Month Contract


$95 / month

  • 1 Monthly Care Credit
  • $95 For Additional Care Credits
  • 5% Off Products & Specialties
  • 3-Month Contract

After contracts end, memberships bill month-to-month until canceled.

Care Credits expire 3 years from purchase date for Platinum, 2 years for Gold, and 1 year for Silver.

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Specialty Services

The following are Specialty Services which do not fall under our standard pricing structure. Please contact us for pricing information as costs do vary. With Specialty Services, you are able to apply your specialties discount!

Our Specialty Services

  • Weight Loss
  • IV Therapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Medical Aesthetics


  • All Products
  • All Add-Ons
  • All Workshops & Classes
  • All Blood Tests


New to Healing House? Experience any 2 of our 1 Care Credit services at a discount for a total of just $99! You will be able to mix and match or choose 2 of a kind from the list below. Best of all, this offer doesn’t expire once purchased!

Treatments to choose from:
Holistic Acupuncture, Custom Massage, PCA® Classic Facial, Primary Care Check-Up, NAD+ Anti-Aging Injection, Gua Sha & Cupping, Dermaplane & Refresh, Reiki Session, or a Lash Lift & Tint.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Great services; Great people; Fair pricing The great holistic approach. Very mellow personal. Non-corporate Great connection with all providers, all very personable.”

Steve H.