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Affordable Holistic

At Healing House, we provide high-end care at an affordable price. We also accept Health Savings Account (HSA) payments on services and products approved by the CARES Act.

Join our exclusive membership program to receive 30% off on services and 20% off on supplements + products! You will also get a $25 coupon to spend at our online store when you become a member.

Our Holistic Services

We offer a carefully curated balance of Eastern and Western medicine, combining the very best of holistic treatments that date back thousands of years, with tried and tested modern practices.


  • Holistic Acupuncture, 60 min*
  • Custom Massage, 60 min**
  • Gua Sha & Cupping, 40 min
  • Meditation Training, 5 Classes

The above services are $125 each, or $87.50 for members


  • Full Body Bionergetic Screening, 60 min
  • Custom Massage, 120 min
  • TCM Wellness Consultation, 60 min
  • Private Meditation Training, 60 min

The above services are $250 each, or $175 for members

*For new patients, add 60 min (no charge)

**For 90 min massage, add 50% to price

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Great services; Great people; Fair pricing The great holistic approach. Very mellow personal. Non-corporate Great connection with all providers, all very personable.”

Steve H.


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Experience awesome discounts and benefits, all while receiving the utmost level of care.

You membership will bill month-to-month until canceled.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“This place is amazing. I am on a monthly subscription and I can use that on a massage, facial, and other listings provided. Anthony and Samantha both are amazing at massages. I love coming here the fact that if you don’t use your credit it stays on file and you can even have someone else use it if you don’t want to. I don’t know any other business that does this but here. Great business strategy, great staff, great service.”

Aleena B.

Phoenix, AZ