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Imagine a clinic where your primary care provider relies on effective, holistic strategies instead of dangerous drugs. Imagine a one-stop shop for the mind, body, and soul, including family medical care, professional counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga, meditation training, nutrition, skincare, and more. Imagine just one simple and affordable membership for all your healing needs. Imagine a peaceful place – a place that feels like home – where all your healers work together to help you feel better.

Welcome to Healing House.

We’ve Got the Happiest Patients in Scottsdale!

My massage therapist did a wonderful, thorough and invigorating massage, extremely pleasant and conscientious as well. Would highly recommend Healing House. Warm, relaxing and comfortable setting too.

Diane K. (Massage Patient)

Scottsdale, AZ

I love Dr. Muki. He is kind and very gentle. He really listens to me when I explain what is going on with my body. He knows what he is doing. Last time he treated my knees was in January and I haven’t had any pain in my knees since then. Now he’s treating another part of my body and I know that it won’t be long before my “problem” is taken care of.

Manon K. (Chinese Medicine Patient)

Mesa, AZ

10/10 recommend. Muki made me feel very comfortable even though it was my first time getting acupuncture. We also had time to talk through all the health issues and what I wanted to improve with acupuncture. Left feeling great, armed with a ton of knowledge, and I can’t wait to go back!

Randi T. (Acupuncture Patient)

Tempe, AZ

Michelle Kennedy truly has found her calling as an Aesthetician. I live in Chandler and make the drive to Old Town Scottsdale because her facials are the best I’ve ever had. You can tell she puts everything she has into each client experience and I won’t go anywhere else because of her.

Kimberly P. (Skin Care Patient)

Chandler, AZ

Our Services

Holistic Acupuncture

Woman receiving holistic acupuncture

For almost every chronic ailment you can think of, acupuncture excels as a remedy. And it’s virtually painless! Come see why everyone raves about this ancient medicine.


Massage service

A really good massage is one of the great gifts in life. There’s almost nothing better for working out your kinks, stress and pain. So get yourself booked for one. It’s okay — you deserve it.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Consultation

The art of Chinese herbal medicine has been around for over two thousand years. When it comes to restoring the body in a natural yet effective way, Chinese herbs have no equal.


Nutrition service

Our nutrition coaches will develop a customized nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle and nutritional needs so you can lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and more.


Skincare service

Your skin is a reflection of your inner health and confidence. Our aestheticians know how to make you beautiful while also making sure your healthy new glow isn’t just skin deep.


Zen stones

Most people have heard of the benefits of meditation, but few understand how it’s done. Take personal lessons with our pro and develop a skill that will finally calm your mind.

Healing Technologies

Healing technologies

Experience the extraordinary technology that is the Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Screening System and also Cold Laser Therapy, a treatment that reduces inflammation and promotes healing.


Hypnotherapy service

Hypnotherapy is a complementary alternative medicine in which the mind is enlisted to offer healing to a vast array of issues ranging from emotional and psychological to physical.

Primary Care

Primary Care service

Your primary care doctor will work together with the rest of your healers, allowing you to finally experience the health and wellness you’ve been seeking on every level: mind, body, and soul.

Experience a happier, healthier you. 

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Our gorgeous, peaceful clinic is nestled in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.
Wherever you’re coming from, we promise to make the trip worth your while.

Our Response to Coronavirus
Healing House has always been committed to providing the highest level of clinical sanitation and safety standards. In these challenging times, we want to assure you that we are strictly adhering to CDC safety standards, and we are exceeding these standards wherever possible.
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